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All the most commonly known pub games which are or have been traditionally been played in English Inns and Taverns

Skittles (Nine-pins) Western Skittles, Old English Skittles, Long Alley, Rolly Polly.
Table-top Skittles Hood Skittles, Daddlums, Table Skittles (Devil amongst the Tailors)
Aunt Sally A somewhat different game of the Skittles family
Outdoor Quoits The Long Game, The Northern Game, Horseshoe Pitching, The East Anglian Game, Modern Derivatives.
Indoor Quoits Indoor Quoits, Rings, Caves
Shove Ha'penny Shoffe-Groat, Push Penny, Slide-thrift, Shove Ha'penny
Board games Backgammon, Draughts, Nine Mens Morris
Cards, Dice and Tiles Cribbage, Shut The Box, Dominoes
Darts Puff and Dart, East End Darts, Northern Darts
Bat and ball Stoolball, Bat and Trap, Knur and Spell, Cricket
Bowls Crown Green Bowls, Flat Green Bowls, Curling, Table bowls, Petanque (Boule)
Billiards Family Billiards, Snooker, Bar Billiards, Eight-Ball Pool, Bagatelle
Other Throwing Games Ringing the Bull, Toad in the Hole and Pitch Penny

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