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As we all know, links come and go. I do occasionally check the validity of the links on my website. However, if you discover before I do that a link isn't working, please drop me a line and I'll remove it.

If you would like a link to your page from my website, let me know. I will add the link in the most appropriate place, not necessarily on this page. I'll add links to all non-commercial organisations. Commercial organisations will be added if they contribute some sort of useful knowledge.


Masters Games sells Traditional Games

Games section of The Antique Collector's Internet Diary

Alvin's Vintage Games, an Antique shop in Marylebone, London, that often has interesting old games

General Info

The National Pub and Brewery History Website has a page on the History of Pub Games

The Games Cabinet - A bi-monthly Games magazine

The Mining Company Guide to Board Games is interesting in it's own right and has page on game histories

Discover Games

Medieval and Renaissance Games is a huge and very justifiably very popular resource by Justin du Coeur

Multicultural Games Directory

The Museum and Archive of Games in Canada

Jeux, a page in French by a Monsieur Brisse has loads of good links to a multitude of games.

Event Games and Contests

Board Game Studies representing serious study at Leiden University by scholars like Dr. Ulrich Schaedler and Alex de Voogt. They also publish a journal packed with useful info.

Games in Civilization written by Kasia Friko from Poland as part of a competition.

Alfonso X Book of Games is a wonderful collaborative effort to bring the incomparable Alfonso X manuscript to the website in an English translation

The Mind Sports Olympiad is the Olympics of board games and other mind sports. It's held in London every year and is well worth a visit.

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